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Since Always Q & A with M.L. Gray 

What inspired Since Always? 

I actually worked backwards a bit with this one. A couple years ago I wrote a short story--the one that became the novella Before Now (which is available for free if you sign up for my newsletter!), for a contest that Audible and Glamour magazine were doing. I was one of the ten runner ups of the contest, and considered turning that into a full-length novel. But, the more and more I thought about Mark Reynolds and the world he was in, the more this other, adjacent story took shape. 

What surprised you the most while writing this book? 

I didn't know what Owen's backstory was at first. I knew that he had lost his wife, but that was it. I was driving one day, and I saw the scene unfold where he tells Cassidy what happened. 


What do you think happens to Owen and Cassidy after this story ends?

Well, I definitely think they live happily ever after, but of course not without challenges. That being said, you should stick around for future books, because it's possible you might get some sneak peaks into their future as I tell other stories in this world. 


What part was the most fun to write?  

The parts where Cass was happy. I want Cass happy all the time.  

Who do you relate to the most? 

I mean, I think there is some of Cassidy in me, though unfortunately not the part where she is a billionaire heiress. But I lost my father and went through a lot of what she's going through in this book so I definitely relate to that. 

What will the next book be about? 
I am so excited for the next book, because it centers on Representative Dani Rodriguez, who we met briefly in this one, and who I absolutely adore. Dani is making a name for herself in Washington, which comes with it's fair share of threats. To keep her safe, she's going to need a bodyguard.  

Cue Whitney Houston's version of I Will Always Love You. 

I hope you stick around for it! If you sign up for my newsletter, you can make sure not to miss it! 

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